What Your Foodie Really Wants for Christmas This Year | 10 Killer Foodie Gifts that Aren't Appliances

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The halls have been decked, the tree lit and the mistletoe hung, but you still have last-minute shopping to do and it’s probably for the foodie in your life (they can be so darn hard to shop for). It better be something good too because as we speak they’re tempering Aztec chocolates and harvesting pink salt from the Himalayas for your gift. Show the foodie in your life you care this Christmas with the best gifts the internet has to offer. Let’s get started!

Sushezi Sushi Extruder

This one is not just an excuse to use the word EXTRUDER. I actually have one of these, and they are awesome. Just load the barrel with your rice and fillings and you’ve got sushi in no time. When you’re not using it you can pretend it’s a light saber… OH PLEASE- YOU WERE ALL THINKING IT.

Superhero Aprons

Because SUPER HERO APRONS. I really don’t feel like I need to sell this one because they're awesome. And yes I actually have a Wonder Woman apron.

Sirarcha Socks

Oh no, Regular Tabasco won't cut it for your foodie. Help them take their obsession to the next level and show the world how culinarily cultured and open-minded they are through the universal language of footwear.

Food Ornaments

Who says your tree can’t have a glistening cheeseburger adorning its branches?

"It’s Not Delivery it’s Da’Greatest Christmas Ornament Of All Time!"

Yes. That just happened.

Breakfast Always T-shirt

ALWAYS!!! I mean it IS the most important meal of the day afte rall, and...speaking of breakfast…maybe you're feeling uninspired... I've got you covered

Coolio’s Cookbook.

All you need to know about this cookbook is that A.) It exists, and B.) There’s a recipe for something called “Soul Rolls”. ‘Nuff said.

BFF PB&J Rings

Daww, one for your and one for your BFF! I’ve heard if you put them together, they’ll summon a Wizard, who upon arrival, will make you and your friend a sandwich. ;)

Dr. Pepper Scented Soap

After getting his medical degree and conquering the soft drink world, the good doctor took the next logical career step and began exploring the world of personal hygiene.

Potato Butcher Diagram

This one goes out to all my Vegans out there..

I bet you didn’t know which part of the potato the french fry comes from until right now. You’re welcome.

Coffee Bean Tights

I don’t care how ugly you may think these tights are, and neither does your foodie. Just take my word for it. These are awesome. ;)

What’s that? Did my little ears just detect the sound of your ol’ pal Dayleeo saving Christmas?? You’re welcome.

I hope my little list helped you find that perfect gift for the foodie in your life, and if you’re the foodie in question, feel free to share this post with anyone who is currently scratching their heads trying to figure out what the heck to get your difficult self. ;)

Thanks for reading, Until Next Time!