The Magic Pill That Will Make You Want to Eat Lemons ALL DAY LONG | FLAVORTRIPPING

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Flavor Tripping parties are quickly becoming “a thing” on the internet and around the country. So I hosted one. Here’s what you need to know….

What is it? A little pill that changes the way your tongue tastes? BELIEVE IT. The future is here my friends and it’s allowing you to eat lemon after delicious lemon. SEE YA LATER SCURVY!

Now, put on your Science Hats for a moment with me will you?

A protein called Miraculin, found in the Synsepalum Dulcificum species of berry otherwise known as “Miracle Fruit” is freeze dried and converted into tablet form. As it melts in your mouth, it coats the tongue, blocking the sour and bitter receptors and allowing you enjoy sour and otherwise undesirable tastes.

ESSENTIAL INFO: This little tablet is not psychedelic in any way. Consenting and adventurous adults of varying ages and sexes gathered around a table of snacks on one fateful evening in New Jersey. Their impressions are recorded below.

NON ESSENTIAL INFO: It tastes a little like stale raisins.


1.Blackberry Cola

Tastes Like: a Melted Grape Jolly Rancher A Grape Slushy and a Melted Purple Popsicle had a baby.

Comments?: “It’s like a time machine back to your cavity riddled childhood.”

2. Green Apples

Tastes Like: A GARDEN OF EDEN LEVEL APPLE //The most perfect apple you’ve ever tasted. //The white mystery flavor air head.

Comments?: “I didn’t like green apples, until this exact moment.”

3.Goats Cheese

Tastes Like: CHEESECAKE !!!!

Comments?: “This is an EXPERIENCE”

4.Blue Cheese

Tastes Like: Nutty Cream Cheese//Metallic Car Keys//Blue Cheese Flavored Butter

Comments?: “I don’t necessarily ENJOY it, but I also can’t stop eating it!..”

5. Lemons

Tastes Like: A lemon warhead after the sour part wears off.

Comments?: “Can I just eat lemons for the rest of my life?”

6. Apple Cider Vinegar

Tastes Like: A high quality balsamic glaze mixed with Apple Juice.

Comments?: “It’s sweet, but still burns a little.”


Tastes Like: Watermelon

Comments?: “Who’s idea was Watermelon!? It tastes the same! Oh well, pass the Watermelon.”

8. Chocolate Stout

Tastes Like: Cocoa Nibbs//Cream Soda//Kahula//Chocolate Milk

Comments?: “Mmmm creamy and Root-Beery.”

9. Ruby Red Grapefruit

Tastes Like: The first bite of a grapefruit that’s got a million packets of sugar dumped on top.

Comments?: “It’s not as good as lemons… but pretty darn good”

10. Salt &Vinegar Potato Chips

Tastes Like: Sweet and Salty Kettle Chips
Comments?: “If I knew what UMAMI was, I’d say this is it.”

Have you every tried Mberry Flavor Tripping? Let me know what you tried and what you favorite bite was in the comments below!

Until Next Time
<3 Dayleeo