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My name is Dayle Dracy and I live in New Jersey.

Not “The Greater NYC Area NEW JERSEY. Making that distinction is important because, well, Honesty is important! Also, Did you know Danny DeVito is from New Jersey??

Me either -I just looked it up. See HONESTY!


Enough about me….

Eat Things Make Stuff is all about one nerd’s journey to find, make and share killer food, home and lifestyle ideas with a twist of lime.

Say goodbye to Pinterest-Life Envy and Artisinal Hipster Snobbery.

If you’ve ever had a 40 minute debate about “the best bite of a slice of pizza” or gone on a rant about how you wish you could ” literally live inside a tiny terrarium”…Welcome home.
I am so happy you decided to stop by my little corner of the internet! I sincerely hope you enjoy the way I’ve put a few 0’s and 1’s together for you.

-YO. Did this girl just drop a BINARY joke!? DAAANG!


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