Bucket & Bay Brings Crazy Delicious Gelato Infusions to Jersey City

Bucket & Bay Brings Crazy Delicious Gelato Infusions to Jersey City

I’ve been enjoying the heck out of the warmer weather we’ve been having. Like, SHORTS. Do you guys remember SHORTS!!? Oh, and frozen treats… like GELATO.

IMG_9698Imagine my delight when owners Jen and Boris of Bucket & Bay Craft Gelato invited me to their shop’s pre-opening “Founder’s Club Cone Party” last week. Trust me, it was NOT a hard sell. Plus, I was super excited to meet the geniuses behind the gelato that I had been talking with for months now on Instagram. YAY for internet friends!


The flavors for the evening were…

  • “Black Label Vanilla” (infused with Johnny Walker Black Label Whiskey)
  • “Mango Black Cardamom”
  • “Strawberry Bellini”

I have never resented having only two hands more, than in the moment in which I took this shot. 

IMG_9702Luckily, my boy Merlin hooked me up with the New York City approach to real estate, ingeniously applied to gelato.  

IMG_9701Don’t worry, I shared… begrudgingly… ಠ_

The taste and texture of this stuff is RIDICULOUS. Super balanced and physics-defying levels of creamy-ness. This cone of vanilla bean was scooped straight from the churning machine. Look at those specks of vanilla! My little nerd heart!

IMG_9704At Bucket & Bay the back of the house is in the front of the house, which means access to watching all of the spinny, creamy, churny, magic unfold right before your eyes.

IMG_9699 The space is absolutely flooded with natural light during the day, AND they’re just as generous with the WiFi passwords as they are with the scoops. *thumbs up!*

IMG_9697Everything at Bucket & Bay is carefully thought out and masterfully executed, from sourcing ingredients, to preparation and service. So many times, coffee is treated like an afterthought, that’s just there in case anyone asks for it. Not here, not only do they serve one of my personal favorite NJ roasters, Jersey City’s own Mod Cup Coffee, their staff is trained in the art of a proper pour over. (My inner coffee nerd was doing backflips)

I also think it’s worth mentioning that Bucket & Bay is a shadow-dog friendly environment, so don’t hesitate to bring the little guy on down. 

IMG_9703Here’s the best news of the whole post… THEY OPEN THIS SATURDAY (6/6/15). Cancel your plans. Go to Bucket & Bay. Have a delicious scoop of magic and a cup of coffee, and celebrate this awesome warm weather! Don’t worry, I’ll be here when you get back.. GO! <3


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